Teenage Party pad & Hot tub


If Carlsberg made teenage party pads…. this must go down as one of the best in Scotland.
Having a room away from the house was high on Marks wish list, and after a friend recommended Outdoor Building Group, they went to visit the team. Mark says “They were Amazing. A class and Teresa was fantastic.”

David, our Artitech director, created a CAD drawing so that the garden room was exactly how they wanted it. From there, the team could make their dream building.
“We had some reservations before we went ahead, such as the money aspect, planning and the size of the building as we didn’t want to annoy our neighbours, but the Outdoor Building Group team helped us work out everything we needed to, and everyone who sees it loves it”

How has this changed your daily routine?
“We use it all the time. It’s currently a teenage party pad for our son, a place for his friends to stay over & myself to use the hot tub & projector screen but we are going to be changing it into more of a man cave/games room when we put the pool table and dartboard in there!”

Do you feel you have lost part of your garden?
“The way David designed the building in relation to the garden and space we have it is perfect. If anything, we have gained space as we use that part of our home so much more than we would have done.”
What would be your advice to others thinking about buying an Outdoor Building Group Outdoor retreat?
“They are such a great company to work with. They have helped us along the way and made everything so easy and now we have our stunning garden room. We couldn’t be happier.”