Home Office & Outdoor Movie Room


It’s astonishing how our surroundings and environment can affect our quality of work. The house can be distracting, an office environment even more so and a coffee shop can only offer a certain amount of freedom and comfort. We all dream about having a room of one’s own; a place surrounded by your favourite items, no distractions other than your wondering mind.

Our client Pam from Edinburgh, an IT home worker for a large city bank was in search of some extra space for work. Having a large back garden, Pam had explored the idea of building an extension. However, the cost, noise disruption & length of build time didn’t seem worthwhile.

The Solution?
A Garden Office.

What are the benefits of a garden office?
– Bespoke build design
– Fully insulated for all-year-round use
– 10-year guarantee
– Price inclusive of base, installation & VAT
– Zero maintenance
– Planning permission rarely required

A 5m x 3m garden office fits perfectly into the nook of the garden. Pam can now stroll down the garden path to her cosy office for work and relaxation; away from the house but not entirely isolated. The Bi-folding doors, corner window provides a lovely flow of light and ventilation to enter the room. With the desk arranged to face the 3m wide doors, Pam can enjoy the view of a range of wildlife entering her garden.