Garden Office

A growing business is a fantastic success with increased work and staff, more space is needed to accommodate this. Our customer Mark, the founder of destination judo started his business at the kitchen table. Destination judo has always been a ‘home-based’ business but now with 9 full time office staff and many associates, the business out-grew the house.

As Destination judo grew, Marc moved into a larger house which fortunately had a separate double garage. A perfect space to renovate into an office, however after some research, it proved to be a considerable amount of work and leaving a very large dent in the wallet. Destination judo was in need of a different solution, as working in the house was becoming restrictive.

Outdoor Building Group was proved to be ideal for what destination judo was looking for. Initially the business only needed one garden office, which gave the business a whole new level of professionalism and a proper work-life balance with a door to close at the end of the day.

Staff can continue to work whether Mark is out all day in meetings or taking a well-deserved holiday and the business is proud to invite clients. The offices have created a fantastic work-life balance for Mark and his thriving business.