Personal Training Centre

Size - 6x3

Space is a little like time; We think we have lots of it but it seems to run out very quickly. Our customer chris was looking for somewhere to work out . With the house already dedicated to specific uses they wanted something outside of the house, but not to feel completely isolated.

The Solution?

A garden gym by Outdoor Building Group is the perfect choice in creating space with value for money. Our customers decided to design a 6m x 3m caden style room set with 3m bi-folding doors, with 3 large floor to ceiling height windows for natural light

The Caden garden room is used as a gym, featuring exercise equipment, punch bag & floor to ceiling height mirrors on 1 elevation. The 3m sliding doors provide natural light to enter the garden room and are great to keep open on summer days!

The building design fits perfectly with the aesthetics of the house and garden, complementing each other nicely with a
traditional and modern twist.