Chiropractor Room


“Stuart was straight-talking, and it was a breath of fresh air.”

Jennifers chiropractor business was her dream come true. As with many chiropractor’s she worked from rented premises. Having to travel each day for work can be very time consuming, stressful. Jennifer and her husband decided the ideal solution was a garden room in their garden as they had enough space, which just wasn’t being used and an old building there which needed to be removed. “We visited many companies around Central Scotland and no one fully listened. They had certain buildings to choose from, but nothing perfect for what we wanted and to be honest all they wanted is for you to sign on the dotted line! We found the Outdoor Building Group on google and went up to our nearest show site. Teresa was straight-talking, and it was a breath of fresh air. It was so easy to discuss ideas with them, and the team on site were great.”

David created a CAD* drawing of the building and came up with some great ideas to ensure there was enough space for what Jennifer needed. “We could have windows and doors where ever we wanted. It was such a change from being told to choose from a handful of pre-designed garden rooms which weren’t even as high quality as Outdoor building groups and also some cost more!”

From design, to purchase, to build
“The design gave us more than we had hoped for, and unlike a lot of companies Outdoor Building Group do the base for you as well. Cost is always going to be high on your list, and the price was great. Once we had placed the order, the team kept in contact and few months a stunning new studio was installed and ready to use.”
How has this changed your daily routine?
“When I am at work, I am now away from the house, which makes it so much easier, and I am more productive. I can set up for work the day before it makes such a difference to all our lives.”
Do you think its uses will change over time?
“I will be using it for treatments for the foreseeable future, but in the. It’s ideal for a cinema room or a Man Cave, though!”
What would be your advice to others thinking about buying an Outdoor Building Group Garden Room?
“We would highly recommend Outdoor not just for the fantastic building and being able to have it any way we wanted but for the service they give and the ease of everything. They truly are a great company”